The Quest for insights John Guerra

Conferencista: John Alexis Guerra Gómez
Fecha: 6 de Junio del 2018.
Hora: 2:00 pm.
Lugar: Hemiciclo 002.

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Big data is such a fuzz word that it results hard to believe that most people cannot define it other than by mumbling the typical three Vs (or even four or five depending on your source), or saying that is going to change the world. On this talk, we will use a completely different approach, instead of talking generalities, I will give a concise definition of big data, and more importantly I will talk about insights, the true objective of big data analysis. I will show how visual analytics and information visualization can help us discover those insights, and by means of examples, show how the size of the data doesn't really matter, as long as you can produce meaningful discoveries, which need to be also actionable, non obvious, and of course be derived from the data. On a nutshell, I will show why we need to keep the human in the data analysis loop.