Our Master’s program in Petroleum Engineering is focused on the technical and managerial skills that will be needed to ensure the efficient and responsible exploitation of our hydrocarbon reserves, while at the same time maintaining our energy self-sufficiency. Our focus areas are:

• Offshore Engineering 

This area covers the skills needed for the exploration, production and abandonement of offshore oil and gas reservoirs.

• Unconventional Reservoirs

This area includes the exploration and production of heavy and superheavy oils, as well as shale oil and shale gas reservoirs.

• Socio-Environmental Aspects of Oil and Gas Projects

This includes the concepts and skills needed to develop oil and gas projects in socially sensitive areas, in compliance with national and international standards and regulations. Likewise, knowledge in this area makes possible the adequate and effective integration of environmental considerations in the planning and execution of oil and gas projects.

• Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

This area comprises the techniques used to carry out tertiary-oil and gas recovery projects, including thermal and chemical techniques.

• Management of Oil and Gas Projects

Includes the management skills needed for the cost-effective planning and development of oil and gas projects in general, and offshore, unconventional resources and EOR projects in particular.