Petroleum engineering is highly interdisciplinary. To reflect that, our Master’s program in Petroleum Engineering is the result of a joint effort between our departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Geosciences. Other academic units support the program as well, including the Computer Science Department, the Law School, and the Interdisciplinary Center for Regional Development Studies (CIDER).

  College of Engineering    College of Sciences   Law School   Interdisciplinary Center for Regional Development Studies

The interdisciplinary nature of the program is the result of the contribution of faculty members from a variety of departments and academic units. A common vision on the design of the program ensures a high degree of integration between the different contributions.


Master’s Type: Non-thesis program with an applied approach, aimed at acquiring sophisticated skills to solve the complex practical problems that our oil and gas industry will face in the near future.
Duration: Two years: Four (4) semester terms + one (1) summer term.
Dedication: Part-time dedication, with class schedules compatible with the typical working hours of students who also have a full-time job.
Degree awarded: Magister in Petroleum Engineering. 


The program is primarily aimed at professionals working in the hydrocarbons sector and/or young professionals who wish to acquire the technical and management skills that will enable them to participate with a high level of competency in the future oil and gas projects that will take place in our country.

The typical applicant will have a degree in a related discipline such as petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, geology, geosciences, physics, etc. The typical applicant will also have some profesional experience in the oil and gas sector. 



Graduates from our Master’s program in Petroleum Engineering will be professionals prepared to be highly competent and innovative participants in the oil and gas industry, capable to take on the technical and managerial challenges that this industry will face the near future in our country. They will also be profesionals with a a subregional and international projection.